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Our Elementary program begins with and completes Montessori's "Second Plane of Development." This plane begins with concrete materials and ends with the understanding of the academic work in the abstract. The core curriculum is an extension of the Primary curriculum and includes Music, Language, Math, Geometry, Science and the Cultural Subjects. As in the Primary level, Art and Music activities are integral to other areas, specifically the cultural subjects. Daily outdoor activity time emphasizes team building and sportsmanship. While the Elementary student no longer requires the Practical Life Curriculum to develop his/her concentration, coordination, independence and responsibility that they gained during their Primary years, Practical Life remains one of the most important areas of the curriculum.

In the Second Plane these patterns of learning, behavior, attitudes and social interaction blossom under the guidance of the Elementary staff. The 6-14 year old student is involved in the Creation of Self through developing use of reason, intelligence and imagination to understand 'why', 'how' and 'when'. They have a physical relationship to the classroom environment for which they share responsibility to maintain an aesthetically pleasing work environment. Collaboration on this practical challenge involves the use of intelligence and imagination in socially acceptable ways. As students gains expertise in relationship to their peer group, they are gradually developing a sense of diplomacy, social integration and the ability to assume various leadership roles. By the time Montessori students have successfully met the challenges of the Second Plane of Development, our staff delights in knowing that they have become a person with the self-confidence and knowledge, capable of succeeding by their own efforts and abilities. Practical Life in action.

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