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The Montessori School of Lemont receives revenue from tuition, fees and donations. As in all non-profit organizations, fundraising is a very important source of income to our school. We solicit charitable, tax deductible gifts from parents, past parents, alumni and friends of the school to expand and improve our campus and to update classroom materials as needed. Fundraising revenue is not used for operations but may be used for special projects.

Development Fee
An annual development commitment is due from each family by August 1 each year. This fee becomes part of the building fund for future construction and building maintenance.

The Manna Program is an opportunity for parents to help the school raise funds at no cost to themselves. By purchasing vouchers (in the form of gift certificates and gift cards) for local and national retail stores through our school, a percentage of your purchase is donated to our school with no reduction in the value of your gift certificate or gift card.

Silent Auction
An auction is held annually to raise funds for the development of the school grounds and to provide additional classroom materials. Parents are the sole resource of the school for soliciting, organizing and hosting the auction. All parents are strongly encouraged to participate by committing your time, talents and attendance to the auction for the continue growth of our school community.

The Target Corporation provides parents with another opportunity to help the school raise funds at no cost to themselves. By registering our school on your Target Visa card, the school receives 1% of all purchases you make with the card. The school receives a check annually based on parent participation and purchases are not itemized nor disclosed to the school.
Shop online and the school will receive a percentage of all purchases in cash and prizes are awarded for participation! Login with our School ID: 127366

Stop in the Main Office and buy a Montessori t-shirt for everyone in your family!