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Parent Meetings

The Montessori School of Lemontl relies on the involvement of all parents for the prosperity of the school. Parent meetings are held three times throughout the school year to keep parents abreast of the curriculum, school management and policies. Speakers on Montessori and related topics will be provided when possible. Attendance by at least one parent is required at these meetings. Due to the large number of students enrolled in our programs, child care cannot be provided for everyone but will be offered on a reservation basis when available. Parents are asked to make other arrangements for children not accommodated and may not bring them to meetings. Attendance at parent meetings and general parent participation will be taken into account upon re-enrollment.

Recent speakers include Montessori Madness! Author, Trevor Eissler. Mr. Eissler was the guest speaker at our Winter 2011 Parent Meeting discussing the Prepared Environment and how the aviation industry; intelligence agencies and field of medicine have benefited from applying Montessori philosophy to their safety protocols. (NB - Both videos were filmed at other Montessori schools.)

Parent-Student Evenings
Parent-Student Evenings are held in October and February and are an opportunity for children to show their parents the school from their very personal perspective. The child is the focus on this evening as he is during the school day, therefore no formal meeting will be structured and parents will be guided by their child. A conference to discuss your child's progress can be scheduled for a time when the children are not present.

Conferences and Reports
Formal parent conferences are scheduled with all parents in November and May. Conferences are scheduled in 30-minute intervals over two days each semester. New parents have an informal conference that will be scheduled after the first six weeks of school at a mutually agreeable time. Children at the Primary level do not participate in the conference and other arrangements should be made for them. Childcare is provided at no cost for parents participating in conferences during regularly scheduled After School Care hours (3:00-6:00 pm)

Parent Association
The parent association meets on the second Thursday of each month, September through May. Learn More.