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The 3-6 year old or Primary child is in what Montessori referred to as the "First Plane of Development." The child at this level has a sensorial relationship to his/her environment; and learns by touching and manipulating real objects. Lessons consist of concrete materials that the child is encouraged to explore following an initial presentation by a trained Montessori directress. Academic achievement is often the outcome of this well rounded curriculum, however Montessori's goal was not merely academic success rather she sought to nurture the spirit and aid in the development of the child as a whole or Education for Life. There are six basic areas of the Montessori Primary Curriculum in addition to Art and Music activities which are included in the Sensorial, Language and Geography Areas:

Practical Life activities help the child to develop concentration, coordination, independence and the routine of completing a work cycle using activities of daily life.

Sensorial activities train the child to use all senses to explore their environment.

Math provides a foundation for problem solving and critical thinking skills through the use of concrete materials.

Language brings together the reading and writing skills of the child to develop logical thinking.

Science and Geography offer the child a context in which to understand his existence.

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