Student Progress
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Student Progress

Based on information gained from parents, the child's individual needs and their own experience and training, teachers have a daily routine to guide them in the specific work for which each child indicates readiness. Records are updated daily and an overview is provided to the parents at conferences in November and March. In October, there is an Informal Conference for parents of new students. Teachers keep a complete record of every child's progress in each area of the curriculum: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Science, Geography, Art, Music, and Movement.

There are three levels of progress indicated on the written conference reports for each activity: 1) Introduced, 2) Practicing and 3) Mastered. No formal report is prepared for the Informal Conference. Instead, this initial meeting is an opportunity for the teacher and parents to share insights and establish rapport.


Primary students are not formally tested. Elementary students will take the Iowa Test of basic skills appropriate for their age and grade level in the spring every year. These standardized tests help the children gain familiarity with taking tests, which will prepare them for their future educational experiences.

Questions and concerns about your child should be addressed to his teacher. Policy questions should be addressed to administration. Parents are strongly encouraged to report to school any situations that make you uncomfortable. Every effort will be made to address your concerns since we value the reputation of our school for being a safe, secure and welcoming environment.